Recent Projects

ICM worked with the Carnarvon Yacht Club to design and construct additional pens to the existing Yacht Club marina facility.



Design and construction of the final stage of the Fascine Foreshore project that involves construction of new recreational jetty structures and enhancement of the waterfront area.

Shire of Sandstone.

Construction of new administration building  July 2014


Argyle Diamond Crusher No2 Project

Commenced Nov 2013

Carnarvon Fascine Revitalisation Project  

March 2013

 Onslow 4W3 Bridge & Flow Control 

Nov 2013- April 2013

Cloud Break Crusher ROM wall

Irwin Recreation Centre Port Denison WA

The Cocos Islands project commenced in May 2009. It includes the construction of a 200 m access jetty and artificial island, and the installation of a sheet piling and geotextile sand container for retaining of the berthing wharf. Associated concrete civils of berthing wharf. The contract price is $15 million.

The South of Perth Yacht Club project commenced in May 2010. It includes the construction of a wharf and a boat hardstand area.

Demolition of timber jetty and construction of Jurien Bay Recreational Jetty commenced July 2010.

Complete fabrication and installation of Marble Bar War Memorial April 2011

P/L BCI Install and stabilize culverts volume 2100m3 August 2012.

Complete refurb approach jetty, concrete encasement of piles Aug 2012.

Upgrade Irwin River Crossing Depot Hill Road Mingenew  Aug 2012 - Jan 2013

Construction of culvert bridge & associated earthworks.