I wish to provide the following reference for lnsitu - Construction and Maintenance following the company carrying out works on behalf of the Shire of Dandaragan for the construction of the Jurien Bay Jetty.

Alexander Planning Consultants have worked with In‐Situ Constructions and Maintenance during 2008 on the Shire of Irwin Recreation Centre.

This is to advise that Van Der Meer Consulting and VDM Group have dealt with In-Situ Construction and Maintenance for many years. During our long association we have found them to be diligent in their work methods constantly delivering a high quality product.

It is with pleasure that I provide this testimony as to the capabilities of In-Situ Construction & Maintenance, an organisation that I have used in several major construction projects over the past twelve years,

I wish to provide this testimony as to the capabilities of In-Situ Construction & Maintenance, an

organisation that the Shire of Carnarvon utilised in the construction of the sheet pile wall located

along the Fascine foreshore.

I write this letter of reference for In-Situ Contraction & Maintenance with great pleasure.

To Whom It May Concern

In-Situ Construction were the head Sub-contractor for VDM of Perth, WA for the construction of the Rumah Baru Passenger Facility in Cocos (Keeling) Islands and I was the VDM Project Manager.

In-Situ were contracted to provide the concrete services for the Argyle Diamond Mine Underground Crusher 2 Construction Project.